School Data Collection & Class Goals

An act relating to public schools; requiring implementation of a cost-saving, real-time advanced data collection system to reduce administrative costs for school districts and charter schools; eliminating certain reporting requirements; establishing minimum classroom expenditure goals for school districts and charter schools; providing an incentive to meet goals.

Bill Highlights

  • This bipartisan bill boasted a total of 23 sponsors all committed to getting more taxpayer dollars to the classroom instead of wrapped up in Administration.
  • HB180 sets a threshold for minimum spending on instruction, student support services, instructional support services, and compensation and benefits for school principals.
  • The targets for classroom spending are voluntary but the bill provides an incentive for districts and charter schools that meet the provisions of the bill.
  • Viante New Mexico supports this bill due to the research done by Think New Mexico (Think New Mexico) that proved that the New Mexico schools that are performing well are those that have more funding allocated to the classroom.

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