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We aim to empower the people of New Mexico by highlighting what issues our local Senators and Representatives are working on in Santa Fe with a focus on issues to improve education, reduce crime, and improve economic opportunity. We provide the hard working people of New Mexico with the tools to know and understand what policies our legislators are working on in order to hold those who represent us accountable for their actions and decisions. It is time for the tide to change in our state and for every New Mexican to be a part of the change. Together we will fight for what is right, instead of who is right.

Why Should You Care?

We know there are many people living in New Mexico who care very deeply about our state and while some get involved in politics, many rely on other sources in order to help them make decisions about the candidates they support.

Most people choose a candidate based on the following:
– Friends & Family
– Party Affiliations
– Advertising
– Issues

While these are not bad resources when choosing a candidate to support, we usually do not have much time to explore other resources. We are all busy and may not have the time to research potential candidates more thoroughly. If you are lucky, you might be able to read a little more about them on their website or attend an event to discuss a legislator’s platform and where they stand on issues that are important to you.

But, what if you were able to easily learn about common ground solutions to education, crime, and economic opportunity in New Mexico and how your legislator voted on those solutions? Would that make it easier for you to confidently vote? This is what Viante New Mexico works to improve. Viante does the heavy lifting to encourage our state lawmakers to agree to nonpartisan solutions and give you the resources to know if your legislator is putting the needs of New Mexicans above party politics.

Change begins with knowledge; Viante New Mexico provides you with the tools to become an educated voter who can confidently make decisions about which legislators are making positive or negative impacts in our state.

Let’s take pride in our state and choose to move New Mexico Forward!

Vision: A prosperous New Mexico to live, work, and play.

Goal: To make New Mexico a more desirable place by removing the state from the wrong end of national lists.

Mission: Viante New Mexico will collaborate with New Mexicans to craft and advocate for common ground solutions to improve education, reduce crime, and increase economic opportunities in the state. Viante will also educate and engage the community to participate in politics to hold elected officials accountable for working in a bipartisan manner.

Find Out How Our Elected Officials are Voting on the Issues That Matter

It can be difficult to find a trusted source that can provide the information you need to make an educated decision about which policies are good for New Mexico. We all want the best for New Mexico and take great pride in our state. But who really has the time to dive in and understand what policies can truly help move New Mexico forward?

Viante is for You, Not Special Interest Groups

Viante New Mexico is a resource for you, special interest groups or lobbyists have no influence in our reporting. We will help guide the public with a nonpartisan and informative voice on which legislation will help or harm our state in regards to our three common ground principles: Education, Crime Reduction & Economic Opportunity.

Trusted, Unbiased & Nonpartisan

We have strategically created a balanced Board of Directors – a nonpartisan volunteer board of 10 directors who all ensure that Viante New Mexico is and remains respectful, ethical, balanced and consistent. In an effort to promote continuity and varied input the board is made up of:

– Republicans, Democrats & Independents
– 5 New Mexicans under 40, 5 New Mexicans over 40
– Representation from a variety of industries and interests

This unique composition provides a platform for a wide diversity of thoughts and interests that come together to ensure that our common ground principals prevail so New Mexico can succeed.

Who is Helping Lead the Way?

Dale Armstrong

Dale Armstrong

Founder & Board Chairman

Dale is a successful New Mexican business owner who, for over thirty years, has raised his family and grown his company in his home state. He knows our state’s potential. After a visit to Santa Fe during the 2017 legislative session to testify as a business owner and advocate for bills impacting the business community, Dale became frustrated with how carelessly some politicians were casting their votes. To him, it appeared to be more of a competition between parties, rather than what was right for constituents.

He came back from the experience discouraged by how he and other citizens were being served on common ground issues. As such, he decided to find a way to educate the public and encourage positive change. Ultimately, this led to the creation of Viante New Mexico.

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