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When you decide to become a member of Viante, you are choosing to be a part of the change to help move New Mexico forward and make our state one of the most desirable places to live, work and play.  Your membership will help support Viante New Mexico’s efforts to educate and empower voters to take action and use the power of their vote to change the tide in our state by electing the right people to represent us.

Only individuals can join Viante, and we do not accept donations other than the membership options listed below. This is to ensure we remain nonpartisan and unbiased so our members know we represent their best interests and that there is no outside influence in our reporting. 

What Your Membership Money Supports

Your money goes to support the research and development of the educational tools used to empower New Mexicans to be informed voters. Including, but not limited to:
– Reading and analyzing all the bills that are introduced every session
– Identifying national policies and research on best practices around the country
– Forging partnerships with other common ground, nonpartisan organizations
– Creating new avenues of engagement with our membership; constantly refining and improving the type of information they are looking for and how they would like to receive it.
– Communication with New Mexico’s legislators about New Mexico’s most pressing issues in education, crime and quality of life. 

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Student Memberships

We have Free student Memberships available that are funded though our Benefactor Members. If you are a student and are intersted in a membership with Viante, you can email to apply. Please include your full name, where you are attending school and why you would like a membership to Viante. 

(As a 501(c)(4) membership contributions made to Viante New Mexico are not tax deductible)

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