Common Ground

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Why These Three Issues?

Politics can be divisive and often the focus is placed on who is right, rather than what is right. Viante New Mexico does not pick sides. Instead, our organization provides members with information related to education, crime, and economic opportunity.

All three of these focus areas affect all citizens and by finding common ground, we can positively impact the state. We choose to focus on issues that unite New Mexicans, not divide us. There are many bills and pieces of legislation that are presented up each year during the session that relate to these focus areas and others.

By narrowing our focus, we get information to the public that makes a positive impact on New Mexico’s future.


Viante New Mexico makes sure our public officials are working on common ground solutions that promote our education system by investing in our children’s futures.

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Crime is climbing in our state, but we can do something about it. Viante New Mexico makes sure our legislators are making the betterment of our criminal justice system a priority.

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Economic Opportunity

Our state is home to many treasures including our people. Viante New Mexico ensures our policy makers are working to increase and improve economic opportunities for New Mexicans to thrive.

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