March 4, 2021

Why Broadband is Important for New Mexico

In light of COVID-19, the need for internet access has never been more relevant to the daily lives of many New Mexicans. The state has taken steps to narrow the gap of broadband availability, but connectivity in New Mexico is not meeting standards. While neighboring states have been consistently improving the scope and quality of broadband for their citizens, as much as 22 percent of the New Mexico population remains unconnected. Reliable and readily available broadband service is essential to promoting economic growth and development.

Fortunately, the state has the plan and supporting research to achieve better connectivity. Not only will better broadband policies improve connection between businesses, communities, and workers, it will also revitalize the New Mexico economy so we can stay competitive in a global market.

How Broadband Impacts Daily Operations

Quality broadband and wireless speeds allow individual businesses to operate more efficiently than ever before. Especially in the age of COVID, the majority of daily operations require internet-reliant functions like record-keeping, billing, emailing, and video conferencing. As many companies work to give their employees more flexibility, they also need more reliable internet connections to allow workers the option to telecommute.

Point-of-sale (POS) systems, used in nearly all customer transactions, are a good example of how internet service can impact even the most basic daily business operations. Losing service on a cloud-based POS means losing many of the features that businesses rely on to sell products and connect with customers. Taking orders, accessing customer data, tracking employee shifts, processing gift cards, and accessing daily reports wouldn’t be possible without broadband service.

Connectivity and Economic Development

Readily available internet connection is also a key component in keeping New Mexico competitive in the global economy. Modern communication infrastructure provides access to local, regional, and national markets which support major industry growth in New Mexico. When businesses are able to successfully use technology to improve efficiency and profitability, more businesses flock to establish firms in New Mexico. A larger business scene inspires new investments and, along with them, more jobs. The slow internet speeds and large gaps in broadband services that are currently present in New Mexico drastically limit our potential economic growth.

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