March 9, 2021

Broadband Opens Doors

As New Mexico continues to rebuild and recover jobs during COVID-19, both private enterprise and legislative bodies are prioritizing improving broadband service. Quality internet access is vital to the state, especially during efforts to spur economic activity. New Mexico has the potential to rival neighboring states’ development, and a quality broadband service plan will help the state support industries and work towards growth.

Quality Broadband Service Improves Construction Operations

The construction industry touches every sector in New Mexico, from education to healthcare and everything in between. While construction remains essential to development, lagging broadband service limits the progress of ongoing projects and holds the state back from pursuing more forward-think plans.

New technologies and processes are pushing the industry into a new period of digital reliance, increasing profitability and productivity. Supply management, quality assurance, and site surveillance have all improved with the help of broadband service. Additionally, internet access allows construction professionals to stay competitive in the market by providing access to resources that allow them to complete training, conduct business with cloud-based software, and increase the efficiency of daily operations.

Economic Benefits of Broadband within the Construction Industry

Many state government leaders also recognize the ways that broadband service can promote job growth in the construction industry. In 2018, construction supplied nearly fifty-thousand jobs and reached an 8.6% job growth rate, earning the state the No. 6 spot in the nation for construction job growth. Among the largest contributors to this success was the Facebook data center in Los Lunas. When the project is completed in 2023, the center expects to contain 22 data-halls with servers and equipment, allowing it to connect with a global network of data centers.

The project also delivered excellent benefits to the city, boosting Los Lunas’s tax revenue by fifty percent during the first year of construction alone. New capital construction projects such as these rely greatly on quality broadband service, which in turn attracts more businesses and opportunities for new construction projects. By improving broadband in New Mexico, more capital investments will come to the state, bringing ample jobs and economic benefits with them.

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