School Academic and Reading Improvement Plan

An act relating to public schools; requiring school districts to develop academic and reading improvement plans for students not proficient; requiring parental notification regarding student proficiency; providing the terms for student promotion and additional instruction; repealing and enacting a section of the NMSA 1978.

Bill Highlights

  • House Bill 210 (HB210) repeals and replaces current remediation and promotion provisions in the Assessment and Accountability Act in the Public School Code. Beginning with the 2018-2019 school year, the bill requires school districts and charter schools to administer a diagnostic assessment to students in kindergarten through third grade within the first three weeks of school or within the first three weeks of enrollment in a school district. The proposed changes would require school districts and charter schools to notify parents, in writing, of student proficiency. The bill requires an academic plan to be developed for students who are not proficient and for them to participate in the required targeted instruction, intervention, and remediation. (source: NMLegis.gov)
  • Viante New Mexico supports this bill because New Mexican Students continue to struggle with being proficient in both Reading and Mathematics in comparison to other states.

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