Phased In Teacher Cost Index

An act relating to public school finance; amending the public school finance act to establish a phased-in teacher cost index; requiring a study to evaluate the index’s sufficiency; making a phased-in adjustment to the at-risk index; repealing the section of law creating the funding formula study task force; making an appropriation.

Bill Highlights

  • This bill would create the teacher cost index, which would replace the current T&E index over a four-year period. Both the T&E index and teacher cost index are staffing costs multipliers; the index is multiplied by a block of units to provide school districts and charter schools additional units based on student enrollment. (source: NMLegis.gov)
  • Essentially, this bill will align staffing with how many students a school has that are characterized as “at-risk”. Those students include English learners, Title I students, and ones that are mobile – without a stable home.
  • Viante New Mexico supports this bill because it will make the funding model for schools more equitable by providing more resources to the schools who are serving a low performing population of New Mexico students.

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