Indian Needs Assessment

An act relating to Indian education; requiring needs assessments to determine what services school districts need to provide to Indian students to help them graduate and be ready for college and careers; requiring a systemic framework that focuses on measures to close the achievement gap between Indians and all other student groups in New Mexico; requiring accountability.

Bill Highlights

  • House Bill 151 (HB151) proposes to create new sections of the Indian Education Act that require historically defined Indian impacted school districts, including charter schools, to conduct a needs assessment to determine what services are needed to assist Indian students in graduating and becoming college or career ready. After the needs assessment, the historically defined Indian impacted school districts and charter schools are required to meet with local tribes to prioritize the needs of Indian students in closing the achievement gap by making Indian students’ needs a priority in the school district or charter school budget. Additionally, these school districts and charter schools are required to develop and publish a systematic framework for improving educational outcomes for Indian students. (Source: NMLegis.gov)
  • After multiple years of this bill being introduced and placed on the Governor’s desk Governor Martinez has again vetoed the bill on the grounds of it being an unfunding mandate saying: unfunded mandate: “HB 151 requires unspecified school districts to provide potentially costly programming and services, but contains no appropriation and offers no guidance on best practices or on how to measure progress” (source: NMLegis.gov)
  • Viante New Mexico supports this bill because we believe it will increase high school graduation and college readiness by engaging with a population that has historically been underperforming. By targeting the group of students with some of the lowest graduation rates the state can improve our overall graduation rate and adapt proven solutions to the rest of the student population.

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