Every New Mexican Can Attend the Legislative Session 

Not many people know that you can actually go and sit in different committee meetings during the legislative session. There are also some chances to give public comment on various topics. You don’t have to be a government official or work at the Roundhouse to attend a meeting. If you can’t attend in person, you still have the ability to watch meetings online.

Dale Armstrong, Founder and Co-Chair of Viante New Mexico, recommends going up to Santa Fe at some point. The experience of seeing the process live provides a new view into how everything works. Check out his video below to hear about his experience at the 2019 legislative session.

Viante’s other Board of Director’s Co-Chair, Deena Crawley, also spent the day at the Roundhouse to listen in on Judiciary Committee meetings. Deena was impressed by the thoroughness of the committee members and the efforts they made to understand each bill.  Topics ranged from:

–  Statute of limitations on second-degree murder
– Technical violations for parolees
–  Even the definition of geriatric in the criminal system was argued at that time

Want to Contact Your Legislator? 

If you are interested in providing your thoughts on a bill you can always contact your legislator. Here’s how to contact them: 

  1. Find My Legislator
  2. Once the search results are complete, click on the link with your legislator’s name and it will direct you to their profile.
  3. Their profile will have their phone number and email so you can contact them at your discretion.

    A Continued Resource for New Mexicans 

    Dale’s hope is for New Mexicans to have the information to influence and encourage our Senators and Representatives to stand together on common ground issues to improve our state. Viante is here to be a nonpartisan resource to the hard-working people of New Mexico. We have provided a “Bills to Watch” tab on our website that allows you easily keep track:

    Quality of Life Bills to Watch
    Education Bills to Watch
    Crime Bills to Watch

    We will also be releasing the scores for our legislators at the end of the session so voters are able to see who is showing up for the job. And for those who are curious about attendance thus far, we recently posted the attendance of our legislators for the first half of the session.



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