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Having the opportunity to vote and choose who are elected officials are is a great privilege, For many, the process can sometimes be overwhelming or confusing. Viante wants to make voting a straight-forward process so you know exactly where and when to vote, what you need to vote as well as where you can get nonpartisan information about which candidates stand for your values so you can confidently cast an educated vote.



1. Make Sure You Are Registered

Check Your Voter Registration
Not sure if you are registered or what address you are registered under? Do a quick check before you head to the polls. What information you will have to provide:
– First & Last Name
– Date of Birth
– Your County

2. What You Need to Vote

What to Bring– First-time voter: a physical form of ID is only required if you registered by mail and did not include identification with the voter registration application form.
– If you are not a first-time voter: you only need to bring yourself. You will have to provide a verbal or written statement of identification including your name, year of birth & registered address (find out what address you registered under).
– Bring your ballot worksheet; this will act as a guide to help you cast an educated vote.

3. How To Vote

Absentee Voting
Where: Request an Absentee Ballot
When: 10/20/18 – 11/3/18; most sites are open from 8am-8pm
How: You will have to begin by requesting an absentee ballot either in-person at your County Clerk’s office or by filling out an application online prior to election day. No excuse is required to vote with an absentee ballot. Applications must be received by the County Clerk no later than 5:00 pm on Friday, November 5, 2018.
Early Voting
Where: Early Location Voting Map
When: 10/20/18 – 11/3/18
How: or most counties, you can go to any voting location within your county to cast your vote. If you have any questions, you can contact your county clerk.
Election Day Voting
When: Day-of Election Voting Map
Where: 11/6/18
How: For most counties, you can go to any voting location within your county to cast your vote. If you have any questions, you can contact your county clerk.

Comprehensive Early & Election Day Voting Map
An easy to use map showing you every voting location for early and election day voting.
Information about Candidate Positions
Learn about where candidates stand on important issues.
Current Legislator Performance Score
Viante New Mexico provides a legislative scorecard that measures how legislators are performing on issues related to education, crime & quality of life..
Analysis of Bonds & Constitutional Amendment
Gain understanding about the bonds and the proposed constitutional amendment..
Scores on How Judges are Performing
The New Mexico Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission provides information about every judge and whether or not they should be retained.

How to Vote in New Mexico Explainer Video

A helpful checklist of how to prepare and what to bring with you to the polls in the state of New Mexico.

Know Before You Vote Explainer Video

A quick video that explains where you can get all the information you need about your ballot before you go to the polls to cast your vote.

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