Our Continued Commitment  to Transparency

Viante New Mexico is committed to providing transparency and accountability about our state’s legislature for all working New Mexicans. We work to provide information on how state legislators are representing them during each Legislative Session. We achieve this through the production of a multifaceted scorecard.

Viante’s Board of Directors and membership are interested in how our legislators are addressing New Mexico’s education, crime, and quality of life issues and if our elected officials are showing up for the job. To determine which legislators are actively representing their constituents, Viante captures the number of floor votes each legislator casts. 

Who is Showing Up?

In the first 35 days of the 60-day legislative session, there have been 120 floor votes in the Senate and 97 floor votes in the House of Representatives. The majority of our elected officials are actively working to fix New Mexico’s challenges with a 94.7% attendance rate. Despite the flurry of activity and draws on their time, there were 28 legislators with perfect attendance between the Senate and the House. On the other hand, there are six legislators with drastically low attendance rates. The person with the lowest attendance missed 53 votes in first 35 days, providing an attendance rate of 55.8%.

As the 54th New Mexico Legislative Session comes to an end, we encourage those under your leadership to find common ground solutions to New Mexico’s most pressing issues and in doing so, attend floor votes.

Detailed Attendance Information

Please click on the links below to view detailed 2019 attendance information.

Halfway Attendance Data PDF 2.22.2019
Halfway Attendance Fact Sheet PDF 2.22.2019




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