Quality Of Life Bills To Watch

2020 Bills That Impact Quality of Life

Quality of life may seem like a broad category, but Viante’s nonpartisan board has identified metrics that positively and negatively affect the quality of life for New Mexicans. A large part of the scoring for New Mexico elected officials by Viante is whether they sponsored Viante Focus Bills and how they voted on those 15 bills. Viante’s nonpartisan board selects it’s 15 bills AFTER the end of the session in order to avoid confusion with amendments.

During the session, the board actively monitors all bills that may impact our quality of life metrics as potential focus bills. Viante monitors bills that impact the following metrics:

  • Cost of Living
  • Poverty
  • Median Household Income
  • Labor Force Participation

The final 15 Viante Focus Bills selection will be announced with the release of the scorecard mid-2020.

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