Proposed Broadband Bills In New Mexico

2021 Broadband Internet Legislation

New Mexico ranks behind its neighboring states at 42nd in the nation for broadband coverage, with as much as 22 percent of the population unserved. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the state’s internet access and speed deficiencies as children learn online and remote work grows.  It has become clear that there are large gaps and strain in our existing network. New Mexico has the research and plan needed to improve our broadband situation. Now, we need a coordinated effort to adapt to and improve New Mexican’s everyday lives.

Viante has developed a set of criteria that Viante analyzes every broadband internet bill by. The criteria were developed following the review of the last 10 years of New Mexico broadband studies, reports, and introduced legislation. The past decade has seen good efforts to improve in this area, but more must be done. There is a common ground way to approach the issue to ensure both positive impacts and results.

  • Funding: The proposal must outline a state supported broadband entity that elevates the importance of the office, increases the staffing, and has a plan for ongoing funding.
  • Facilitating: The proposal should include stipulations that the state broadband entity serve as the primary resource to communities, companies, and anchor institutions on regulation and permitting.
  • Coordinating: The proposal will direct the state broadband entity to coordinate with communities, companies and anchor institutions to secure state and federal funding for comprehensive broadband improvement and implementation.
  • Targeting: The proposal must have direct measures of progress and a timeline for implementation.
  • Forecasting: The proposal directs the responsible broadband entity to proactively anticipate future internet connectivity needs and developments to help New Mexico be a leader in broadband internet connectivity.

Viante analyzes broadband legislation on a weekly basis and bills will contain Viante’s position on them once analyzed.

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