Jon Patten



Jon Patten

Jon Patten

Founder and Chairman of Dion’s

Jon’s restaurant career began in 1978 in Albuquerque with the purchase of New York Pizza with partner William Scott. Neither had management degrees or business experience, much less restaurant. Renaming their place Dion’s, they started with one employee. As President from 1978 until 2007, the company grew from one store with one part-time employee to 13 stores with over 1,000 employees. During his tenure, Dion’s went through many stages of development which included successes and failures. Sales have increased each and every year. Jon continues today as chairman of the board and is still active in the business. Dion’s mission is “World Pizza domination by the year 3,000.”

Prior to opening the national culinary sensation, Jon attended Alma College for a year and a half and failed English 101 three times. It was at Saint John’s College in Annapolis that he began to learn the value of different opinions and the benefits that come from open honest discussion. Jon believes that personal growth occurs over time when surrounded by a strong peer group.

Jon has been married to Julia since 1989, and now lives in Corrales, NM. He has four sons, two of whom are married with jobs and two who are students in college.

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