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Support Viante New Mexico and get access to valuable information to help make educated decisions when you vote. Viante is here to be your resource for common ground issues that help all New Mexicans.

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Get the same benefits as our advocate membership and pay it forward to sponsor student memberships. An individual can max out their contribution for as little as $15 per week while also helping out a student by providing them a free membership to Viante New Mexico. Our organization wants to encourage youth to engage in the democratic process. As new voters and as students, they may not have the financial means to be a member right away. By sponsoring student membership, not only will you have access to the information that allows you to cast an educated vote, but you will also give young voters the tools to make informed decisions on who they believe will build up the New Mexico of the future.

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Membership is auto renewed each month or annually but you may cancel anytime by contacting Viante.

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