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The scorecard is designed for you to easily find your elected officials in your district. You can also view their complete voting record on the 15 Focus Bills identified by Viante.

Chamber & District – Easily see who your elected officials are and the district they represent.

Sortable Fields – Sort by legislator score, name, address, district, party and/or chamber.

Voting Record – Provides a breakdown of how each official voted on each of the bills Viante selected.


Scorecard Focuses On Issues That Impact You

Viante’s Board of Directors spent a great deal of time researching, analyzing and discussing what would make an ideal elected official.

First and foremost, we would like our elected officials to actually vote when they are expected to vote. Attendance is critical for creating change, especially on important floor votes. We elect our legislators to vote on their constituents’ behalf and we believe it is an issue when they are not showing up.

Focus Vote
Based on our metrics, Viante’s Board of Directors does an in-depth exploration into all of the bills that are introduced each legislative session. The board narrows down the bills to a selection of 15 that we believe are grounded in nonpartisan principles and data driven solutions. Of the 15 bills, there are 5 bills per focus area (some bills touch on multiple metrics). Each bill has either a positive ranking if it helps New Mexico or a negative ranking if it hurts New Mexico’s position on national ranking lists. All floor and recorded committee votes are taken into account.

Focus Sponsor
Every legislator who has an opportunity to vote on one of Viante’s 15 Focus Bills are graded. If a legislator sponsors one of Viante’s 15 Focus Bills, they receive additional points to their final overall score.


15 Focus Bills

The elected officials scorecard is based solely on the bills that Viante’s diverse board identified as nonpartisan issues that impact all New Mexicans. In the 2018 Legislative Session there were 9 House Bills and 6 Senate Bills.

NM Legislature Performance

Based on the 2018 Legislative Session here are some highlights we identified.

Average Score For All Officials


Of all legislators scored below 70

Legislators missed 25% of the floor votes they were elected to make

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