2019 New Mexico School Board Survey

New School Board Survey Provides Transparency to Candidates

Viante New Mexico focuses on how our state lawmakers are working together to address serious education challenges, but what happens to the money after it is budgeted? 

Did you know…

  • New Mexico’s elected school board officials have control of nearly half of New Mexico’s $7 billion dollar budget.
  • New Mexico’s 447 school board members in the state’s 89 school districts are responsible for approving their district’s budget on how to spend that money.


New Mexico School Board Survey

This 2019 election cycle, Viante sent out a questionnaire that aims to place school board candidates on the record, committing themselves to improve the outcomes for New Mexico’s youth through proper budgeting while also supporting common ground solutions for their students.

Viante started with six school districts for this inaugural questionnaire based on the number of students served in various locations throughout the state. The school districts candidates that were surveyed were:

Out of the 43 candidates there was a 51% response rate. Las Cruces school board candidates had a 100% participation rate. Each candidate had two and a half weeks to submit their answers in 150 words or less.


“With the passage of the Local Elections Act, more New Mexicans will see new people and issues on their ballot this election season. Viante’s goal with this survey is to give voters access to additional nonpartisan information on who has control of their taxpayer dollars and how they intend to use that money to remove New Mexico from the wrong end of many national lists.”

Rhiannon Samuel - Executive Director Viante New Mexico

Survey Results

Below are the survey results by district. Viante New Mexico did not edit any school board candidate’s responses for grammar or content. Each answer is from the candidate, verbatim. Click on each candidate’s name to view their responses to the survey.


Six of the eight candidates running in the APS district responded to Viante’s questionnaire.

Laura Carlson
Verland Coker
Yolanda Cordova
Lauretta Harris
Peggy Muller-Aragon
Barbara Peterson
Madelyn Jones
Sergio Trujillo


Central Consolidated

Two of the eleven candidates running in the Central Consolidated district responded to Viante’s questionnaire.

Hoskie Benally
Cheryl George
Charlie Jones
Jonnye Begay
Sharon Clahchischilliage
Suzette Haskie
Kerby Johnson
Gary Montoya
Rose Nofchissey
Jonathan Tso
Matthew Tso


Two of the seven candidates completed Viante’s survey.

Bill Delaney
Patricia McSherry
Lorraine Dominguez
Daniel Krowl
William Anderson
Amy Delaney-Hernandez
Kenneth Teague



Only one candidate of the five candidates completed the Viante survey.

Duncan Ware
Harley ‘Beaver’ Segotta
Abraham Elliot
Kathleen Honeyfield
Theodore Kamp


Only one of the two candidates completed Viante’s survey.

Roberto Chacon
Trenton Comum

More information about your school board

If you would like more information about any of these six school districts Viante has provided links below to the school district’s websites. You can learn more about the current school board members and get more information about the district. If we don’t have your school district listed you can search the state’s website for more information.

Viante will continue to add school board information and surveys as we grow as an organization.


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