Prison Recidivism Reduction Program

An act relating to public safety; requiring correctional facilities to implement an inmate recidivism reduction transition program to provide upon release certain inmates with supports and services designed to reduce recidivism.

Bill Highlights

  • House Bill 20 requires correctional facilities to implement a recidivism reduction program to assist inmates who are transitioning from correctional facilities to more easily access needed supports and services.
  • The bill requires facilities to ensure that inmates held 100 days or longer receive a mental illness and substance abuse disorder screening within the first 30 days of their incarceration.
  • HB 20 also requires that facilities aid inmates’ enrollment in Medicaid and ensure that qualifying inmates, House Bill 20 meaning inmates diagnosed with a mental illness or substance abuse disorder, participate in recidivism reduction transition programs.
  • Facilities’ recidivism reduction transition programs shall refer qualifying inmates to case management, evidence-based behavioral health services, employment services, and housing. Facilities shall also assess options for payment for the services and assist the inmate in procuring appropriate payment options for services as much as is possible. HSD shall assist facilities in seeking Medicaid reimbursement for program services. (source for the last few bullet points: NMLegis.gov)
  • This bill did not include an appropriation which, if enacted, would have required the facilities to adjust their current budgets to meet the requirements of the bill.
  • Viante New Mexico supports this bill because it would help reduce recidivism and increasing the labor force participation by making sure every inmate and exiting inmate has the employment and health assistance they need to get back on their feet.


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