2021 School Board Survey

New School Board Survey Provides Transparency to Candidates

Viante New Mexico focuses on how our state lawmakers are working together to address serious education challenges, but what happens to the money after it is budgeted? 


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    School districts across the state of New Mexico


    is the percentage of students that are educated in the top 5 most populated school districts.

    Billion dollars is the overall K-12 budget for the 2021-2022 school year

    New Mexico School Board Survey

    This 2021 election cycle, Viante sent out a questionnaire that aims to place school board candidates on the record, committing themselves to improve the outcomes for New Mexico’s youth through proper budgeting while also supporting common ground solutions for their students.

    Viante selected the top 5 most populated school districts for this year’s questionnaire. The school districts candidates that were surveyed were:

    Out of the 28 candidates, there was a 57% response rate.  Each candidate was given four weeks to submit their answers in 150 words or less. Candidates were contacted via mail, phone, and multiple emails.


    “Viante’s goal with this survey is to give voters access to additional nonpartisan information on who has control of their taxpayer dollars and how they intend to use that money to move New Mexico from the bottom of many national lists to the top.”

    Rhiannon Samuel - Executive Director Viante New Mexico

    Survey Results

    Below are the survey results by district. Viante New Mexico did not edit any school board candidate’s responses for grammar or content. Each answer is from the candidate, verbatim. Click on each candidate’s name to view their responses to the survey.


    Seven of the twelve candidates running in the APS district responded to Viante’s questionnaire.


    District 3
    Jinx Baskerville – No response 
    Ali Ennenga
    Lucas Gauthier
    Danielle Gonzales
    District 5
    Emma Jones
    Uche Ohiri – No response 
    Crystal Tapia-Romero – No response 
    District 6
    Arthur Carrasco
    Josefina Dominguez – No response 
    District 7
    Nicholas Bevins – No response 
    Julie Brenning
    Courtney Jackson


    Rio Rancho

    Three of the four candidates running in the Rio Rancho district responded to Viante’s questionnaire.

    District 1
    Patrick Brenner – No Response 
    Gary Tripp
    District 3
    Jeffery Morgan
    District 5
    Jessica Tyler

    Santa Fe

    One of the two candidates completed Viante’s survey.

    District 3
    Kate Noble – No Response
    District 5
    Sascha Guinn Anderson


    Las Cruces 

    Six of the seven 2021 candidates in Las Cruces district completed Viante’s survey.

    District 1
    Abelardo Balcazar
    Raymond Jaramillo – No Response 
    District 2
    Pamela Cort
    Henry Young
    District 3
    Eloy Francisco Macha
    Robert Wofford



    One of the four candidates completed the Viante survey.

    District 1
    Armando Cano – No Response 
    Amanda Payan
    District 2
    Arlean Murillo – No Response 
    District 5
    Laura Salazar Flores – No Response 

    More information about your school board

    If you would like more information about any of these five school districts Viante has provided links below to the school district’s websites. You can learn more about the current school board members and get more information about the district. If we don’t have your school district listed you can search the state’s website for more information.

    • Albuquerque
      • Total Enrollment: 90,421
      • Overall Performance: 49/100
      • Graduation Rate: 70%
    • Rio Rancho
      • Total Enrollment: 17,271
      • Overall Performance:  58/100
      • Graduation Rate: 85%
    • Santa Fe
      • Total Enrollment: 12,875
      • Overall Performance: 49/100
      • Graduation Rate: 73%
    • Las Cruces 
      • Total Enrollment: 24,371
      • Overall Performance: 53/100
      • Graduation Rate: 86%
    • Gadsden Independent 
      • Total Enrollment: 13,359
      • Overall Performance: 53/100
      • Graduation Rate: 82%


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