2018 Viante NM Legislative Focus Bills

Viante Bill Selection Process

Viante reviewed the 687 bills that were introduced in the 2018 Legislative Session. Using our metrics, we identified 153 bills that have an impact on Viante’s three focus areas of educationcrime & quality of life. The board’s Legislative Committee then narrowed the initial sift of 153 bills down to 73 bills, which were presented to the entire Board of Directors. After much discussion about which bills were data driven and represented common ground solutions, the 10 board directors unanimously narrowed down the selection to the 15 Focus Bills that Viante then used to score our state’s legislators on. If a bill did not have unanimous approval from the Board, it was dropped from Viante’s consideration.

You can read a summary of each bill below. Members have full access to the entire bill summary to see what the full outcome of the bill was.

Education Bills

HB180 – School Data Collection & Class Goals

An act relating to public schools; requiring implementation of a cost-saving, real-time advanced data collection system to reduce administrative costs for school districts and charter schools; eliminating certain reporting requirements; establishing minimum classroom expenditure goals for school districts and charter schools; providing an incentive to meet goals. Read full bill summary

HB151 – Indian Needs Assessment

An act relating to Indian education; requiring needs assessments to determine what services school districts need to provide to Indian students to help them graduate and be ready for college and careers; requiring a systemic framework that focuses on measures to close the achievement gap between Indians and all other student groups in New Mexico; requiring accountability. Read full bill summary

SB119 – Increase Minimum Salaries

An act relating to school personnel; increasing statutory minimum salaries for level one, level two and level three-a teachers; making an appropriation.  Read full bill summary

HB188 – Phased in Teacher Cost Index

An act relating to public school finance; amending the public school finance act to establish a phased-in teacher cost index; requiring a study to evaluate the index’s sufficiency; making a phased-in adjustment to the at-risk index; repealing the section of law creating the funding formula study task force; making an appropriation. Read full bill summary

HB210 – School Academic & Reading Improvement

An act relating to public schools; requiring school districts to develop academic and reading improvement plans for students not proficient; requiring parental notification regarding student proficiency; providing the terms for student promotion and additional instruction; repealing and enacting a section of the NMSA 1978. Read full bill summary


Crime Bills

HB52 – Auto Recycler Electronic Reporting to TRD

An act relating to motor vehicles; requiring auto recyclers to electronically report all vehicle purchases to the taxation and revenue department; requiring the taxation and revenue department to maintain and make available certain information. Read full bill summary

SB152 – Rio Arriba & Taos Substance Use Treatment

An act making an appropriation to the human services department to fund the establishment, implementation, data analysis and reporting pursuant to a demonstration project in Rio Arriba and Taos counties that provides evidence-based, residential substance use disorder treatment. Read full bill summary

HB20 – Prison Recidivism Reduction Program

An act relating to public safety; requiring correctional facilities to implement an inmate recidivism reduction transition program to provide upon release certain inmates with supports and services designed to reduce recidivism. Read full bill summary

HB100 – Child Abuse Penalties

An act relating to criminal law; increasing the penalty for intentional abuse of a child twelve to eighteen years of age that results in the death of the child to a first-degree felony resulting in the death of a child; declaring an emergency. Read full bill summary

HB122 – Duty to Report Child Abuse & Neglect

An act relating to children; clarifying language describing the duty to report known or suspected child abuse or neglect. Read full bill summary


Quality of Life Bills

SB1 – Nurse Licensure Compact

An act relating to health care; enacting the nurse licensure compact; making conforming changes to the nursing practice act; repealing sections of the NMSA 1978; declaring an emergency. Read full bill summary

SB231 – Foster Youth Employment Tax Credit

An act relating to taxation; enacting the foster youth employment income tax credit and the foster youth employment corporate income tax credit. Read full bill summary

HB160 – Nonviolent Offender Interventions

An act relating to behavioral health; providing for interventions for nonviolent offenders who have behavioral health diagnoses in ways likely to reduce recidivism, detention, and incarceration. Read full bill summary

SB73 – Behavioral Health Supportive Housing

An act making an appropriation for permanent supportive housing services for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness with behavioral health-related disabilities. Read full bill summary

SB242 – SNAP Program Work Requirements

An act relating to public assistance; requiring the human services department to impose work participation requirements for supplemental nutrition assistance program participants to the full extent authorized by federal law. Read full bill summary

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